Friday, August 20, 2010

Spiritual Quantm Physics and Levels of Consciousness


In my last newsletter I explained that the Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics is a Galactic Energy Process for CHANGE!

It is not for man alone. We have lost our spirituality and connectedness to the higher by our ignorance and blind egotism that makes us believe we are the highest of all God's creations. Nonsense! Even the bushmen in Australia are more spiritual than we are.

Planets, suns, solar system and galaxies are evolving, raising their levels of consciousness to a greater Divine plan in the Mind of God. We must also.

We all live, move and have our being within the Mind of God. We 'blink in' and 'blink out' of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God with each successive incarnation.

Stop listening to the godless scientist and physicist They are part of the false matrix that is trying to hold man in bondage. Take the blue pill and free yourself.

The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics are forcing us to redefine the definition of humanity. Man can no longer be classified just as an upright biped.

We must start classifying mankind according to the new Age of Aquarius Laws. We must classify man according to their levels of consciousness.

There are many levels of consciousness on the planet. Everyone here on the planet is here for one reason. To use life to raise their individual levels of consciousness.

There are several very wrong conceptions built into the false matrix that controls us about life and humanity. These false ideas are leftovers from the darker side of the Age of Pisces which ruled the planet for 2000 years.

The prison doors are open. Leave the dark waters of Pisces behind and enter into the clean, pure air of Aquarius. It is time!

Spiritual Quantum Physics proves us that these Piscean ideas are outdated and need to be left behind.

The first one is that all men are created equal. Not so! The truth is that all men are created potentially equal and that they have many lives to climb the ladder of consciousness to become equal.

The idea that we live but one life and either go to shovel coal or play the harp on a cloud in the heavens is the cruelest misconception of all.

We 'blink in' and 'blink out' of the Quantum ocean, Mind of God continuously. So no matter how low our level of consciousness is at this point in time, or where we live and what we do can be continuously changed upwards. But it takes work and knowledge. Turn the TV off it is the curse of our times. TV messages keep man asleep.

All life is there for us to use to raise our levels of consciousness. Nothing else. Consciousnesses is an awareness and a knowing of the bigger picture of life. An awareness of the All and the connectedness of All. Eventually you will reach the level of consciousness of God and you will not have to do any more 'blinking.'

Another dangerous concept of the Age of Pisces is that we are bodies that contain souls.

This is not true. We are souls who live, move and have our being within the Mind of God. When we 'blink out' of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God we create our physical bodies in the womb of the mothers we have chosen for this incarnation.

Then we create our emotional and mental bodies. 95% of humanity on the planet is still trying to create and work on their emotional bodies. Man has a long way to go!

In the Age of Aquarius men and women will marry according to levels of consciousness not sex, money or physical attraction.

In this way they will attract the higher more conscious souls out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. This will raise the Level of Consciousness of all humanity and maybe, just maybe, save this fourth wave of humanity from destruction.

There are very powerful Laws at work and man at this time is ignoring them. You really don't have to accept or believe what I say. I am talking to the 5% who will understand!

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