Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How To Use Spiritual Quantum Physics To Ask The Big Question



To fully understand the significance of the Age of Aquarius we must take our blinders off, climb out of our small boxes of reality and open our minds to the big picture and big thinking.

I am not foolish enough to be writing these articles for everyone. Honestly I am not interested in everyone. No just a select few. Those movers and shakers that keep humanity on the planet afloat.

Do you realize how far technology and materialism has moved mankind in the past 200 years?

And if you do your research you will see that all the inventions that make life more physically comfortable were done by only about 100 people.

One hundred thinking and creative human beings out of the billions and billions that crawl around on the surface of the planet. The billions don't create. They consume, fornicate, watch TV, go to the malls and bicker over religion and politics.

But with all these materialistic advancements of the past 100 years we have slipped backward culturally. The Arts,, music, literature, dance and even language has slowly dropped down closer to bestiality than to up to humanity.

And even with all the dogmatic religions being practiced through out the world spirituality is almost non existence.

Try not to think of me as too pessimistic for I am only the messenger for the Age of Aquarius and the new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

I am Horatio on the bridge telling you that the barbarism is coming. But it is not too late.

The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics are the keys to the future.

So, like a fisherman, I write my Spiritual Quantum Physics articles for that 5% of humanity who will understand what I am trying to say.

And out out of that 5% if only 1% were to take up the banner of Spiritual Quantum Physics and write, teach and talk about it then it is not too late.

But that will take faith and courage which seem to be like a tremendous mountain range.. Looks tempting to climb from a distance but when you try to climb it you run into ravines, perpendicular walls and stretches of glaciers. Most seekers after the larger picture of truth are forced to turn back. Some plunge to destruction. Very few reach the peak. Yet the world from on top offers a wonderfully true and clear view.

Theses 1% who reach the peaks are the yeast who buoy up humanity. Who help to keep it from sliding deeper into the pit of bestiality.

I will talk more about the Age of Aquarius and the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics in future newsletters.

But I want to leave you with this. The Age of Aquarius is a Galactic event. It is the movement of our whole solar system around our Galactic Sun another 30 degrees.

It is not for man alone. The Prime Mover, Grand Architect of the Universe has created planets, suns, solar systems and galaxies for a far higher purpose that man can conceive.

There is a divine plan at work. Humanity as a very thin layer of organic life on the third planet from the sun at the far edge of this galaxy is but a small part of this divine plan.

The Galaxy does not need humanity to fulfill its divine purpose. But man does need the Galaxy.

To become more spiritual with the help of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics means to raise one's level of consciousness and become more aware of the purpose and destiny of the planet Earth, the sun, the solar system and the Galaxy.

To put it simply we must ask ourselves what is is God is doing with our Galaxy. What is its purpose and destiny?

Then we must ask ourselves what we are doing? What is our purpose and destiny?

The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that we are all connected. That we all, mankind, planets,suns, solar systems and Galaxies live, move and have our being within the mind of God. We are all connected and we affect each other. Start to think these big thoughts.

Turn off the TV; stay out of the malls; and seek the answers to these questions within.

There was an old saying during the gold rush, “California or bust!”

I say now in the Age of Aquarius it is, “Spiritual Quantum Physics or bust!”

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