Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To Use Practical Spiritual Quantum Physics


Practical Quantum Physics can only be applied to Spiritual Quantum Physics not to Scientific Quantum Physics. Why? Because Spiritual Quantum Physics places a Creator God at the beginning of all creation.

Scientific Quantum Physics believes it was all a chaotic “Big Bang” with no intelligence higher than man behind it. It is primarily a plaything for the intellectuals, the college professors, the privileged few who take large grants of money to look for something that does not exist. Their theory!

Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum ocean. In reality it is the Mind of the Creator God.

And this God, this Grand Architect of the universe is a beneficent God. We are all souls who live, move and have our existence within this Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

We 'blink out' and 'blink back in' this Quantum Ocean with each successive incrustation.

We live many, many lives and the whole purpose of our life is to raise our levels of consciousness, our levels of being.

By raising our levees or sensuousness, our levels of being we become more god-like. We become more aware of the ALL, the Oneness of Humanity.

The Creator God is a beneficent God and just like a beneficent father he wants nothing but the best for us.

It is man through his ignorance of Cosmic Laws and Principles and through his wrong use of the gift of Co-Creation who has caused all the misery, suffering and pain we see in the world toady.

Only a raising of consciousness and level of being can change this sad scene.

The creator God has created the Quantum Ocean as a playing field matrix that we can use to create our own realities and work out our destinies.

Within it are an infinite number of quanta energy structures. They are photons, energy waves and vibrations while they are in the un-manifested area of the Quantum ocean.

They become physical particles when we observe them ond when we think about them. They are what builds up our own personal physical realities.

The Quantum Ocean is also filled with an infinite number of quanta energy packets called Divine Blueprints that we can attract and use. Humans, dogs, cats, trees and plants are all Divine Blueprints.

Man can never create man because to do so he would have to attract the Divine Blueprint of a man out of the Quantum Ocean with his mind. What he does create in his test tube is a CLONE of man. Something all together different than man. It has no soul.

It is just one more erroneous man made blueprint that inhabits the Quantum Ocean. There are many erroneous quanta man made packets in the Quantum Ocean that cause all the misery, suffering and pain in the world..

Scientific Quantum Physics with its chaotic 'Big Bang' and Chaos theory is one of the most dangerous man made energy packets inserted into the Quantum Ocean

It leads man away from his Spiritual Destiny and into Intellectual Chaos. Man does not need more intelligence. He needs more spirituality.

Don't think about Scientific Quantum Physics, Don't touch it and it will go the way of the Do-Do bird.

There is a Creator God. Look inside!

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