Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics Healing Paradigm Biochemical Cell Salts


The wonderful process as enter into a New 2000 year cycle is the overlapping at the beginning and the end of the cycle.

Even though we have just officially entered the Age of Aquarius and ended the Age of Pisces,  for the last 200 years  we have had  pioneers of this new age present us with glimpses of what is to come.

The new paradigm of healing for the Age of Aquarius had its healing pioneers. These pioneers were more interested in healing the whole man. They knew man was not a solid physical being but an energy being.

Therefore they worked on the energy structure of man and provided many wonderful healings that scaples, operations, kemo, chemicals. X-rays and MRI’s can not do.

A few of these pioneering healing techniques are biochemical cell salts, homeopathy, color, Eeman circuits, chiropractors and radionics.

We still have 1950 years left in this new Age of Aquarius and it will be exciting to see what new energy techniques new pioneers will bring us.

Let us discuss one of these pioneering energy techniques.

The Biochemical System of Healing is based upon the “cell theory” of Virchow. In 1858 he knew that medicinal treatments should be directed towards the individual cells of the body.

It wasn’t till Dr Schuessler of Oldenburg elaborated on his work and finally explained the value of inorganic constituents of the cell ad their value in the preservation of the health of the human organism.

These ‘cell salts’ as they are commonly called are the workers, the builders of the human body.

Water and organic substances in the body are used by these salts in building new healthy cells for the body.

There really are no ‘diseases’ out there or in the human organism. Every so called ‘disease’ which afflicts the human race is due to a lack of one or more of these inorganic ‘cell salts’.

Every pain in the body indicates a lack of some inorganic constituent of the body.

Health and strength of the human organism can be maintained only so long as the system is properly supplied with these ‘cell salts’.

There are 12 ‘cells salts’.
Lime --- Calcium Phosphate
Iron --- Ferrum Phosphate
Potash --- Kali Phosphate
Soda --- Natrum Phosphate
Magnesia --- Magnesium Phosphate

Potash --- Kali Mur
Soda --- Natrum Mur

Lime --- Calcium Sulph
Soda --- Natrum Sulp
Potash --- Kali Sulph

Lime --- Calcium Florida

Last but not least SILICIA pure Silica

You would do yourself and your family a great service by first surfing the net and studying “Doctoring Yourself”
with biochemical ‘cell salts’.

Here is the website for you:

Or you can go to my “Heal Yourself Blog” where I have many alternate healing articles. Here is the website:

Next go to your favorite health food store and buy a small vial of these ‘cell salts’. They are not very expensive as are all natural healings.

Take three of these sweet tasting little pills and place them under your tongue and let your healing begin.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How To Attract Money By Using a $7.99 Simple Pyramid Orgone Generator Device




The Orgone Pyramid Generator is a stand-alone Radionics Device. It operates on the same principles as the plug-in electrical radionics devices.
The three working principles of a Radionics Device are:
POWER SOURCE (20 pyramid symbol}
INTENTION (Radioncis Money Symbol)
TARGET (Your Photo)

The glossy 20 Pyramid symbols print is the power source. This is a picture symbol of the Great Pyramid of Giza from above. This radionics device uses a very powerful radionic symbol to attract money. It is the Intention.
You as the operator can use a photo, a lock of hair, a blood sample or just your signature on a piece of paper as the target.

The 20 Pyramid symbol radiates life fore or prana. Hold your hand over it and feel the life force. This powers the simple device.

The Age of Aquarius with the new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics has proven to us that all is energy. You are energy, I am energy, the Pyramid of Giza is energy..
These laws also tell us that all these energies exist as quantum packets in the Quantum Ocean. You, your photo, your blood, your hair and your signature are all the same energy. They are all YOU.

What you do to one you do to all. This 8x10" glossy print of the 20 Giza pyramids (looking down) radiates the same energy as does the huge pyramid in Egypt.

Simply place the Glossy print some where it is safe from envious and prying eyes. Put your photo (hair, blood or signature) in the center and place the powerful specially designed radionics symbol (Money) on top of photo.

Then leave it alone. It will start to attract money energies into your aura. If you don't have enough money in your life now it is because you have energies in your aura repelling it. From Mom? From Dad? From religion? From society? It doesn't matter. Set up the money generator 24/7 and go about your business.

Be expectant! Money will start to come to you from unusual places. Maybe finding the first shiny penny in the street will be your first money receiving event. Be alert. Use your intuition. Answer the phone, open your mail and talk to strangers.

Money vibrations will come to you, but you must be aware of them. Nobody is going to put a bag of gold on your doorstep (though that may happen). This money generator will fill your aura with money vibrations (remember all is vibrations) and money will come from somewhere or someone.

Remember this ancient proverb: "God will give you your food, but you must cook it!"

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Evil Black Magician Who Lives Inside Mankind


Man is not one but many!

The New Age of Aquarius has given us a new paradigm to work with. It is called the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

It is now time to redefine what a human being really is. The simplistic definition “an upright biped” is no longer sufficient to describe the complexity of modern man. Did you know that everything walking around in our streets on two legs is not human?

Nor is the religious dogmatic definition that “man is a physical body that contains a soul” valid anymore.

In reality man is a soul, who blinked out of the Mind of God. He is all energy and he creates a physical body from the energies of the Quantum Ocean that surrounds him.

The big illusion that mankind lives under that causes all his sufferings can be solved by understanding that man is not a unity but a multiplicity.

Since everything in the universe including man is energy, than along with attracting the energies to create a physical body he also attracted many other divergent energies.

These energies have taken on a separate life inside man. In the occult world they are called egregors. Fear, hate, jealousy are some to name a few.

They have become very clever and often self-harming “I’s”. These “I’s” mankind carries around within his energy structure.

They live just below mankind’s level of consciousness so that he does not see what they are doing. They use their cunning arts to stimulate mankind into negative states. These negative states (where they exist) are on the rise at the present level of humanity on the planet today.

Look at the news, the TV, the crime, wars and chaos that prevails.

For mankind to wake up and follow the new Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics into a more spiritual reality each and every one of us must learn to see the ugly and lying set of “I’s” that are within us.

The object of these negative “I’s”, these parasitic energy fields we are carrying within us is to destroy our happiness and make us miserable and ill. They also eat our vital life force like psychic vampires.

The greatest illusion and mystery that we all share is in our ignorance of what lies within us.

It is almost as if an Evil Black Magician concerned with keeping us asleep on this planet Earth realizes what suggestible fools we are. He hypnotizes us to serve his needs and not our own. We feed him our life force instead of using it ourselves to evolve spiritually.

The real danger for us is in taking our negative emotions (I’s) as our own. We tend to think everything that goes on within us, every thought, idea, mood, memory, feeling, depression, sensation belongs to us. That we created them!

We attribute all evil thoughts and all our good thoughts to our own making. This is a deeply wrong idea. It causes us endless and unnecessary suffering.

We are convincingly assured that we are a single person, a unity, a real I. But man is not a unity but a multiplicity.

We need to awaken from this trancelike, hypnotic false reality we are living.

To awaken we must first divide ourselves into two parts.. One an ‘observer’ who consciously watches what the other part ‘the observed’ is doing.

We need to become individualized Gods ruling our own energy world. We need to know what the positive “I’s” and the negative “I’s” are doing within us 24/7.

Then we can consciously feed the positive “I’s” with our attention and life force making them stronger. And slowly kill off the negative “I’s” by a conscious lack of attention to them. This will cut off their energy supply and they will die. Remember where you place your attention your energy flows.

This is how we can help rid the world of negative entities and break their control over us.