Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Word "GOD"


The word ‘God’ has caused more wars, more pain, more suffering than any other word uttered by mankind.

The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, the Jewish-Arab conflict, the Muslim-Christian conflict, the Catholic-Protestant conflict just to name a few.

The problem lies in the fact that nobody really knows what a God is or how it functions.

Every manmade religion has such a limited and narrow concept of what a God is. ‘My God is better than your God.’ ‘My God is the only God.’

The Age of Aquarius with its Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us all is ENERGY. Therefore to truly understand what God or any God is we must define a God in energy terms.

“A God is the next higher ordering force.” At the smallest level a man is a God to a dog because he orders its life.

Now let’s look at the highest level. There is no way with our finite minds that we can truly understand what or who God is. We can only understand by studying his highest physical manifestation.

At the highest level of abstraction we have the Creator God, an infinite energy being, the Prime Mover, and the Grand Architect of the Universe.

The Universe is the highest level of manifested energy we know. Within it are billions of Galaxies all created by the energies within the Universe.

The Universe is God to the billions of Galaxies. Within the energies of each Galaxy and created by the energy of each Galaxy are billions of Solar Systems.

The Galaxy is the God to the billions of Solar Systems.

Within each Solar System is a Sun. It is the energy from the Sun that creates the planets. The Sun is the God of the planets.

Many of the ancient civilizations worshipped the Sun. Modern man in his arrogance, ego and ignorance demonizes these Sun worshipping religions. They believe that they may (or may not) have sacrificed one human life a year to their Sun God.

How many millions of men and women were sacrificed in the past 2000 years in the religious wars? How many were sacrificed to Jesus, Moses or Allah?

Let’s get back to the Ray of Creation. The Sun is God to the planets and to that thin layer of organics life that lives on the surface of the Earth. We could not exist for one day without the energies of the Sun.

Let us review:

The energy of the Creator God created the Universe and is God over its creation and all lesser creations.

The Universe is the creator of the billions of Galaxies and is God over its creation and all lesser creations.

The Galaxy is the creator of the billions of Solar Systems and is god over its creations and all lesser creations.

The Sun is the creator of its planets and all lesser creations. Mankind included.

Understand Gods are energies and they are not anthropomorphic.

Man is a unique energy being for he is given the power to become a God or a higher ordering force and move up the Ray of Creation.

Remember the Spiritual Quantum Physics definition of ‘God’. “A God is the next higher ordering force.”

How can anyone on the planet Earth think that Jesus, Moses or Allah, etc were Gods. They have not brought order to mankind on the planet.

They were highly developed humans working their way up the Ray of Creation. Their message to the world was: “I did it this way. You can do it also.” Not “I did it for you.”

It was those who followed behind who tried to make Gods out of them for their own selfish purposes. They are the ones who caused all the wars and the deaths and the chaos we see in the world today. And they are still doing it in the name of God (and oil).

Each of us is a soul that lives and moves and has our being within the soul of the Creator God. We exist as energy beings on the lowest ladder in the Ray of Creation, the planet earth.

“One by one we are born, one by one we evolve (or don’t) and one by one we die to be reborn again.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Key to Power and Peace


The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that unlimited power is ours. It flows from the Mind of God to the infinite Quantum Ocean and into our individual auras. This flow of power is a gift from the Creator God.

All we have to do is to get ‘ourselves’ out of the way. We must let go of all our false and unconscious beliefs, ideas, concepts and programming.

It is a true scientific maxim: “Let go and let God.”

The primary Spiritual Quantum Physics maxim that we must accept and steep our blood and bones in is:

“There is only one mover in all creation and that mover is THOUGHT.”

There is a cause, a reason for you as well as the universe. There is a power greater than you are and you are part of it.

In this stultified materialistic godless world we find ourselves living in we must start to look to the spiritual writings and spiritual poetry for some guidance. We must learn to seek out the Creator God.

Here is a marvelous example of spiritual poetry that will get you thinking.

“O, raise up thine eyes to the eternal sky
In thy bondage strike out to be free
Hush the whispering voice of the infinite Why
With “I am and I was and I ever will be.”

The entire race of humanity is born free. Free to determine his destiny. Free to disclose the sources of his Being and immensity of his power.

Why is it that the great mass of humanity leads drab and colorless lives filled with fear, frustration and insecurity?

These thoughts are products of man’s conscious mind. Circumstances shape man’s destiny. But there are resources which can raise the human soul above his circumstances.

Thought habits of your conscious mind shape your life. Conceptual habits of conscious mind are the greatest bar to man’s discovery of himself.

The important thing to remember is that every day of your life the same power that brings you good fortune also brings you bad fortune according to how you use it.

The conceptions of yourself as children of god, as infinite souls, as co-creators, as god-lings are locked up in your subconscious mind. Learn how to unlock it.


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Friday, April 22, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physcis 'Marry Your Conscious and Subconscious Minds'


Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us all is energy and that we are energy beings living, moving and having our being within an infinite energy being called the Mind of God.

We are also told that thoughts are things and we create our own individual realities with our thoughts.

Our minds are a small piece of the Mind of God. Our small minds are like drops of water in the ocean. Or to be more exact the Quantum Ocean which is the playing field the Mind of God has created for us.

With our minds and thoughts we co-create our individual realities just like the Mind of God creates this infinite reality all around us.

Man in his limited knowledge of how God creates has talked and written about three types of mind. They are subconscious, conscious and the super conscious. But in reality we only have one mind with three separate functions.

Our subconscious mind is the mind that automatically, without our conscious help, keeps us functioning as a living energy being. Such processes as breathing, digesting, cell growth, blood flow, seeing, hearing etc are carried on without our conscious interference.

Our subconscious mind keeps us alive and protected from everything that is harmful, painful or destructive.

It is our conscious mind which we use to observe and function within the ‘outside’ reality all around us that gets us into trouble. Our erroneous thoughts, actions and feelings send incorrect messages to our subconscious.

Our subconscious whose job it to keep us safe and healthy sends us back messages saying: Don’t do that! Don’t say that! Don’t feel that way!

If we don’t listen then it sends back stronger messages in the form of pain.

If we still don’t listen it causes us to have an accident, a fall, a broken leg of even a car accident. It wants our attention to tell us what we are doing wrong.

Finally as a last ditch effort it will attract someone into our life who has the same problem or issue that it is trying to tell us about. This way we can see in the mirror of our world, by their actions, what it is we are doing wrong.

Therefore it is true that we create our own pain, accidents, unhappiness and misfortunes.

The part of our mind called the subconscious is truly our best friend and our private watch dog. Learn to listen to it. Learn to be its friend. Consciously marry it.

Your super conscious mind is the part that you use to get to know God better through your meditations.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics and Insanity


Since the Age of Aquarius has given us the new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics we need to redefine important words.

We now know that all is energy and words and thoughts are things. They are quanta packets in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

Let us redefine the much abused word ‘insanity’. Thinking of oneself as Napoleon or Cleopatra or having a difference belief system than what is called ‘the norm’ does not mean you are insane.

Let us look at ‘insanity’ through the energy eyes of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics and redefine it.

Insanity according to these laws:
·       Believing that words are the event-structure function  they represent (the word ‘chair’ is not the ‘chair’)
·       Uncontrolled, disorganized and chaotic feelings and thoughts and reactive actions set chaotic energies at work in your life.
·       Living in a state of relative unwariness and unconsciousness the unconscious are already dead. Unconscious people are the Zombies of the movies.
·       Trying to function by thinking past idea-word-noise concepts in your mind instead of perceiving in the here-now (nothing in the Universe remains the same second-by-second)
·       The belief that a magical word or statement will immediately solve your problems.
·       Holding to the delusion that you function like you think. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Learn to function like an energy being not a physical one.
·       Blind reactions to people, events and things cause by words or ideas.
·       The use of unmeasured and unconscious speech, thoughts, feelings and actions into your daily life letting unconscious energy  eating parasites into your aura.
·       Improper use of energy.
·       Using too much or too little force necessary to perform any needed function.
·       Allowing yourself to worry, fear, rave about, and be governed by your unconscious reactions to your every day needs. Work peacefully with what God places in front of you each day.
·       Forming opinions, judgments and decisions based mostly or only on your likes or dislikes.
·       Unconscious identification with your words, ideas, concepts and thoughts.

You are not your body, your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts nor your mind. You are an infinite energy being surrounded by the Light and you live and move and have your being within the Mind of God.

Unconsciousness is a real live energy entity that eats your life force. It is the Dracula of the movies.

Stay conscious in all you do. It is ‘insane’ to waste your precious energy unconsciously. Wear your garlic (consciousness) 24/7.


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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Magical Arts


Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God. Everything that ever was, is or will be exists there. There is neither time nor space there.

All the magical arts are there and you can tap into them with your own mind.

Six thousand years ago the Art of Magic was practiced by the priesthood who were among the highest and most brilliant men in the land.

This science spread to India and developed as Yoga. It spread into Tibet where it formed the basis of the Lamaistic systems of spiritual discipline. In China it developed into Taoism.

It then passed into the Western world. Hippocrates used the ‘magnetic pass’ or laying on of hands’ in the cure of diseases.

Aesculapius relieved pain in inflamed parts of the body by breathing on them and stroking with his hands.

Medieval alchemists tried to create an analogical science by using physical elements as symbols of spiritual principles.

In the 17th century Paracelsus, Kirchner, Maxwell and others wrote books setting forth the theory that living bodies contained a magnetic fluid which was transmissible from one to another by the exercise of the will and imagination.

In the 18th century came Franz Mesmer, whose theory of hypnosis as a curative power swept through Europe like a conflagration.

In 1784 Benjamin Franklin and Lavoisier investigated Mesmer’s theory and concluded that there was no evidence of an animal magnetic field. This report by two spiritually ignorant men finished Mesmer.

Had Mesmer been born a century later during the age of field physics and atomic energy research, when even a microbe is conceived as giving off energy waves, his fate would have been quite different.

Now in the Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics Mesmer’s theory has been proven true.

Yesterday’s magic is today’s science. It is all there for you to read and use in the Quantum Ocean.

Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. . He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, Viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. You can see more of his works on his websites:




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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Orgone Generators + Crystals + Spiritual Quantum Physics = Improved Life

Orgone Generators + Crystals + Spiritual Quantum Physics = Improved Life

Attract health/wealth and happiness using the combination of Orgone Technology + Crystals + Spiritual Quantum Physics

Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us we create our own reality by what we think. Our thoughts create our future. If you want health/wealth and happiness then you must think this way. Problem is you cannot keep these thoughts active in your mind for any length of time.

You can use the science of orgone generators to keep your thoughts constantly alive in the Quantum Ocean till they manifest in your lives.

Such a device is the Orgone Generator. These powerful orgone generators have 5 DT crystals in their base.

Free your home from all negative vibrations. This will help you attract wealth. Clear your mind of interfering and disruptive vibrations from cell phones, ELF towers and TV and computer radiations. This will help you find peace of mind, and bring the emotional frequencies of your body in line with nature.

An Orgone Device generates life force, it is a simple radionics device.
A radionics device causes a direct transfer of life force from the infinite universal storehouse, now known as the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God.) This life force is then modulated (shaped) through a treatment (symbol, radionics setting, photo, etc) to a target -- YOU.

Life force has many names Prana, Chi, Mana, Ond, Odic, Animal Magnetism, etc.

The movement of two fields of life force relative to each other generates additional LIFE FORCE. This is very similar to moving two pieces of copper wire through a magnetic field --- electricity is generated. The Orgone Generator uses proportional amounts of COPPER BB'S and NON-METALLIC RESIN. One attracts Life Force. The other repels it.

This PUSH - PULL of life force fields generates additional life force. The embedded CRYSTAL wrapped in a COPPER COIL sets up a pulse generator which sets up a Harmonic Earth Resonant Frequency.

The CONIC PYRAMID, a sacred geometrical form, provides the space (matrix) for the interaction of the life force fields. It also modulates the outgoing waves. A person standing close to the Orgone Device will draw this life force into their aura. A STRUCTURAL LINK of a person (hair, blood or photo) will also draw this life force. All harmful EMF vibrations near the Orgone Generator will be transmuted into good life force.

Electricity, magnetism, gravitation, elf waves, cell phones, radioactivity, etc, are all invisible energies on the physical plane of existence. They all give off vibrations. Some of these manmade vibrations are harmful to humans. Wilhelm Reich called them DOR (deadly orgone). The strength of these EMF forces diminishes with the square of the distance traveled. Life force is also invisible, but on a higher plane. It is not manmade and can even be directed mentally. The great shamans, medicine men and healers of all times used their minds to send life force to heal and maim. Many sensitive people can feel this force.

This life force does not travel through 3-dimensional space as EMF waves do. It moves through hyper-space via STRUCTURAL LINKS. The more exact the link the stronger the flow of life force.

If life force is applied to a strand of your hair, via a Radionic device, the life force will enter you no matter what the distance. It is the similarity of structures that dictates the transfer of life force not physical distance. Since your hair (DNA) is a similar structure to your body (DNA) the life force transfers easily. HEALING begins, WEALTH starts moving to you, and HAPPINESS starts from within.

MAGIC down through the ages is no more than the projection of life force focused by the human mind. Magicians, shamans, healers all had the will power of concentrated mental powers to sustain these magical processes. We today do not have that discipline, we need help.
The Orgone Device is a simple radionics device and will allow us all to be modern day magicians. It will supply concentrated life force. We need only supply the healing symbols and the target.

Life force is generated when you interact two Life Force fields. The Orgone Device will provide one force field, the DOR or the EMF waves of power lines, cell phones, computers, TV sets. ELF towers, entering your home will act like the second field. The interaction of these two fields will generate additional good life force.

In addition the DOR field will be absorbed by the Orgone Device. The action will be very similar to how an air cleaner in your home works. It is also similar to the way a tree takes in bad air and gives off good air.

The Orgone Generator will function as a simple radionics device where you can attract to yourself health, wealth and happiness by using the correct symbols. I prefer to use the runes. It will also help clear your home from harmful DOR waves.

Wilhelm Reich demonstrated that the combination of organic materials (plastic resin, soil, wood, cotton, etc) and a metallic material creates a matrix which attracts and captures Orgone energy. (LIFE-FORCE)

When you add a 'Crystal' to the combination, because of the inherent nature of the crystal, you can now program your Orgone Device. You can mentally program the crystal to direct the orgone energy towards a certain task, goal or desire. The Orgone Device is a simple radionics device. Radionic devices create orgone energy and send it to a target. The Conic Pyramid shape (sacred geometrical solid) provides a Working Matrix (field) for the Orgone Generator to suck into it 'DOR' (deadly orgone energy) and transmute it to positive orgone energy.

Since everything we see on the physical plane was first in the Quantum Ocean or Mind Of God (nature), or was created by Man's Mind, we can use the power of your mind, your mental powers to augment the operational process of our Orgone Generator. (What one man can do another can do!)
Charging or programming your Orgone Generator with your mental powers, towards a specific goal:

Hold the Orgone Device in both hands in front of your Solar Plexus. You can be seated or standing. Take a deep breath and inhale through the top of your head (pituitary gland) Breathe in this Universal Healing Creative Energy.

Try it this way:
With the Orgone Generator in your hands, breathe in spirals of white sparkling creative healing light from the Sun. Remember even if it is night time where you are, the Sun is shining somewhere. And for our purposes the sun is the highest source of creative, healing energy we need to Co-Create our goals and influence our reality. Breathe in this shining, spiraling energy and say mentally to yourself:

With eyes closed, hold this powerful energy within you. Then very slowly, as you exhale, pour this energy out of you through your Third Eye (Pineal Gland in middle of your forehead). Mentally pour it into the crystal within the Orgone Generator that you are holding between your hands. You will now be programming your Orgone Generator with the power of your will and mental energies. You will start to Co-Create what you want and desire into your life.







Remember the whole universe vibrates and pulses with many rhythms. By breathing in healing, creative orgone in through the top of your head (pituitary gland) and out the front of your head (pineal gland) you are tuning into the creative energies of the universe. In -out, in -out, in -out. Born - die, born - die, born - die. You are bringing in un-manifested pure creative energy from its highest level and using it to create on the physical plane, the lowest level. Allegorically speaking you are bringing heaven down to Earth! Since the crystal is many-fawceted you can program many mental thoughts into it. You can use symbols (Runes, Astrological Signs, etc) treatments (homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies, colors etc) to help you define your goals more precisely.

Program your Orgone Device with the power of your Will and Mind. Man is much, much more than a physical body. He is an Immortal Soul that lives within the confines of a physical body to experience earthly life. He is not a physical body that has a soul. He is a soul that has built a physical body. He was given by the Creator (God, Grand Architect of the Universe, the power to Co-Create his own reality and destiny to some degree.

Wake up your powers now! Too long the powers of your pituitary and pineal glands have been dormant. They are god given tools which will help you Co-Create. The function of the Pituitary Gland which sits on the top of your head is to bring into your personal reality, higher creative forces. This helps you to commune with beings in higher levels of consciousness. To bring you wisdom, which is as far superior to knowledge as calculus is to arithmetic. The function of the Pineal Gland, which is located in the center of your forehead, is to help you direct these higher forces into your personal physical reality and allow you to Co-Create.

Once you awaken these dormant glands you will experience a synapse. This synapse is a spark that will connect your pituitary to your pineal glands. This will not be a physical connection but a higher dimensional connection.. This connection is known as Cosmic Consciousness. It is within you not without (the Kingdom of Heaven is within!). You will bring creative energy down and send it out.

How long does it take using the Orgone device and your Pineal-Pituitary Circuit to manifest into your life what you desire? How thick is the wall of negative programming within you? What programming have you allowed inside of you? Programming that stops riches, abundance, health and happiness from vibrating into your life?

No matter how thick this wall is the power of your Orgone Generator and your Pineal-Pituitary circuit will slowly, surely and steadily bore a hole through it. Much like a miner deep in the earth bores a hole through the thick rock to get at the GOLD. The gold is there, it exists. Your health, wealth and abundance are there. They exist in the Divine Blueprint which is the plan for your life. Happiness, health and wealth are gifts from the Creator God. They are your legacy. The blueprint for a giant oak tree resides within the little acorn, and all it has to do is grow into it. You too have a divine blueprint and with the help of your Orgone Generator and these simple instructions you can grow into your happier future.

Again a Warning!!! As you use your new Co-Creating Powers remember: "There are a million things you can have and a million things that you cannot have"


Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. . He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, Viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. You can see more of his works on his websites:




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Saturday, April 2, 2011



The New Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us all is energy.

You, I, the chair I am sitting in, the planet Earth, the Universe and even God is energy.

There is really nothing solid except our five senses make it appear so. The key word is appearing. This pencil I am holding in my hand is in reality a packet of quanta energy that exists in its true energy vibrating form in the Quantum Ocean. My five senses are not finely tuned enough to see the spinning quanta so it appears as a solid pencil to me.

This is told in the parable of Moses seeing the burning bush. His senses were developed enough so he saw the leaves of the bush as burning light (quanta) instead of being solid.

This is what the new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics is all about. We have to become like little children and think differently. Think with full faith that all is energy and nothing is solid or as it appears to be.

Say to yourself 1,00,000 times a day: “I am a dynamic unit of energy living and moving and having my being within an infinite unit of dynamic energy called God.”

It is by adopting this childlike attitude towards the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics that you will see through the veil of darkness that is surrounding us by materialism. You will begin to see reality as it truly is; an energy universe. This is a universe of Mind, not a universe of solids.

As I continue to write this article with my pencil on my steno pad I am creating a miracle. Key word is creating.

When this article is finished it will become as much alive as I am who is writing it.

What I will be doing is bringing together all the individual letters that exist in the Quantum Ocean and forming them into word packets of quanta and then manifesting them onto the physical universe.

All these letters, words and sentences that make their appearance on this steno page will have meaning to those who read it.

Naturally the meaning of this article will vary according to the level of consciousness and knowledge of the person who reads it.

But more than that it is alive and will share its meaning to whoever reads it. Once created it can never be destroyed (like you and I). Even if every hard copy of this article on the planet earth is destroyed it will still exist as a living entity of quanta in the Quantum Ocean. (Just like you and me).

It will wait there till someone finds a way to re-manifest it onto the physical plane.

Just think of the powerful ‘living writing’ that has changed the destiny of mankind.

The Magna Charta, the United States Constitution for the positive.

The book, ‘Das Capitol’, by Karl Marx for the negative.

Why don’t you write your own living article?


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