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The New Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us all is energy.

You, I, the chair I am sitting in, the planet Earth, the Universe and even God is energy.

There is really nothing solid except our five senses make it appear so. The key word is appearing. This pencil I am holding in my hand is in reality a packet of quanta energy that exists in its true energy vibrating form in the Quantum Ocean. My five senses are not finely tuned enough to see the spinning quanta so it appears as a solid pencil to me.

This is told in the parable of Moses seeing the burning bush. His senses were developed enough so he saw the leaves of the bush as burning light (quanta) instead of being solid.

This is what the new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics is all about. We have to become like little children and think differently. Think with full faith that all is energy and nothing is solid or as it appears to be.

Say to yourself 1,00,000 times a day: “I am a dynamic unit of energy living and moving and having my being within an infinite unit of dynamic energy called God.”

It is by adopting this childlike attitude towards the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics that you will see through the veil of darkness that is surrounding us by materialism. You will begin to see reality as it truly is; an energy universe. This is a universe of Mind, not a universe of solids.

As I continue to write this article with my pencil on my steno pad I am creating a miracle. Key word is creating.

When this article is finished it will become as much alive as I am who is writing it.

What I will be doing is bringing together all the individual letters that exist in the Quantum Ocean and forming them into word packets of quanta and then manifesting them onto the physical universe.

All these letters, words and sentences that make their appearance on this steno page will have meaning to those who read it.

Naturally the meaning of this article will vary according to the level of consciousness and knowledge of the person who reads it.

But more than that it is alive and will share its meaning to whoever reads it. Once created it can never be destroyed (like you and I). Even if every hard copy of this article on the planet earth is destroyed it will still exist as a living entity of quanta in the Quantum Ocean. (Just like you and me).

It will wait there till someone finds a way to re-manifest it onto the physical plane.

Just think of the powerful ‘living writing’ that has changed the destiny of mankind.

The Magna Charta, the United States Constitution for the positive.

The book, ‘Das Capitol’, by Karl Marx for the negative.

Why don’t you write your own living article?


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