Wednesday, August 3, 2011



The Law of Attraction is intrinsically connected to the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

This article will be written in the first person. In this way you will be making a personal affirmation with each sentence you read.

I live, move and have my being in the Mind of God, Quantum Ocean. I am a piece of the Mind of God, therefore whatever I desire is a desire in the Mind of God.

I therefore deserve everything that I could possibly imagine. I believe, because I am a piece of God’s mind I deserve what I want.

I am an extension of the Infinite Energy of the Quantum Ocean, which is the Mind of God.

I manifest through my Divine Blueprint, out of the Quantum Ocean, which allows me to experience a wide range of other energy frequencies around me.

I experience these things outside of me, like chairs, houses, money and other people but they are really inside of me. They are part of me.

My energy vibrates at a certain frequency and I attract other energies vibrating at a similar frequency.

I bring into my reality what I think about. It is the power of my thoughts and desires that attract my reality.

If I don’t attract what I desire, it is because somewhere along the line of my life I was exposed to a more powerful energy system in the form of parents, friends or physical environment which instilled negative thoughts counter to my present desires. These thoughts became part of my belief system.

“The sins of the mother and father …”

If I truly believe that I do not deserve something, thanks to the programming of mom and pop, then that something will not be attracted to me, or its coming will be greatly slowed down.

I therefore take the position that I do deserve something because of my Divine Inheritance and my connection to the Quantum Ocean and the Mind of God.

I override all negative programming from my past.

I deserve what I want simply because it is the intention of the Creator God that I experience my desires.

My Divine Blueprint is designed to attract to me what I want. My desires are gifts from the Creator God. They help me understand and experience my purpose in life.

I do not have to “work for them” nor “earn them”, only “Ask and I shall receive.”
I will not allow my memories, beliefs, thoughts and emotions to define who I think I am. I am much, much more than all of them.

The Creator God has a true desire to fulfill. I am an expansion of this Creative Force. My desires are expansions of God’s desires.

There is only one things happening --- God!

“God is” --- says it all!

Sunday, July 17, 2011



It is time to take a look at esoteric astrology. Our human body has had an immense period of evolution. We are in a slow process of gradual up building which is still continuing and which will make each generation better.

As we rotate through each new 2000 year cycle we are presented with a new energy which helps us evolve. The Age of Aquarius now floods the planet and all its inhabitants with the powerful energy of Uranus.

Whether we work with this powerful energy consciously or not it will initiate great changes in each of us as well as humanity as a whole.

It is time to get a better understanding of our finer vehicles and our inner organs which will feel the effect of the energies of Uranus.

Let us start with the astrological correspondence of our ductless glands. They are under the ruler of the life-giving Sun and the Great Benefic Jupiter.

Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that ALL is alive and ALL is connected. The Sun and Jupiter are alive and they are connected spiritually to our glands.

We must now carefully note that our individual glands are also under the ruler ship of other planets as well.

There are seven ductless glands that the ancient occultists called “the seven roses.”
These seven ductless glands are:

The Pituitary Gland, ruled by Uranus
The Pineal Gland, ruled by Neptune
The Thyroid Gland, ruled by Mercury
The Thymus Gland, ruled by Venus
The Spleen, ruled by the Sun
The two Adrenals, ruled by Jupiter

The Thymus gland, the Spleen and the two Adrenals are connected and effect our emotions. The Pituitary body and the Pineal gland are correlated with the spiritual side of our nature. The Thyroid gland forms the link between.

The Spleen is the entrance gate of the solar force which circulates through our body, without which we cannot live. It is governed by the Sun. The two Adrenals, under the ruler ship of Jupiter exert a calming, quieting effect on our emotional nature. Venus and her higher octave Uranus, govern the functions of nutrition and growth.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius whose energies work through the Pituitary body. This Age will aid awakened man in his efforts to penetrate the veil into the invisible worlds.

No one can really and truly observe the physiological functions of any organs under such conditions as exist in the laboratory, on the operating table, or in the dissection and vivisection chambers.

To get an adequate understanding one must see these organs exercising their physiological functions in a living body, and can only be done by spiritual sight.

Now, in the Aquarian Age the Sun will begin to transmit highly intellectual vibrations which will increase our intuitions, premonitions, and telepathic transmissions. This will be done by the awakening of the Pituitary ruled by Uranus.

Welcome to the New Age.

Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. . He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, Viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. You can see more of his works on his websites:

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics "DOR" and Ask A Tree About Allergies

"DOR" - Trees - And Allergies

Today I would like to share with you the dangers of DOR (deadly orgone energy) it is everywhere.  Wilhelm Reich told the world about it in the 40-50’s and they put him in jail and he died there.

He told us that there is energy in the world called Orgone (life force) that keeps humans alive and healthy. It is naturally created by nature. Then there is an energy called DOR (deadly orgone energy) created by man. This is deadly to all living things.

It is created by electronic emanations produced by TV’s, cell phones and cell towers and power lines. It is also caused by the negative emotions of humans. Have you not noticed that all the news and media use fear as their chief ingredient in their writing and telling?

DOR penetrates your home via the TV, phones, and microwave ovens and through the air.

If you want to keep yourself and your children healthy you must try to stop or at least limit the amount that inundates your auras.

My best suggestion is for you to throw out your phones and TV’s but I know that you won’t do that.  The next best thing is to protect yourself with the orgone technology created by Reich, Welz and myself. Orgone generators have the ability to transform DOR into Orgone life Force.

You can go out on the net and buy one, or get the instructions to make one, or you can buy one from me.  

Have you not noticed in the past few years the amount of illnesses (respiratory and allergies)   in the country? 
I have been thinking about writing this article to you for a long while, but I did not want to bring fear into your life nor have you think I am mercenary and only trying to sell you something I make. But something happened the other day that made me decide to write it.

I am in my 70’s and have no TV, phone or power lines in or near my home.

I have always had a little allergy but this year it went off the scale. It closed my eyes and I had to sit on my hands to keep myself from rubbing my eyes. Everywhere I went people said what happened to your eyes?

Then one day my inner self told me to ask the trees why they are sending out such poisonous pollen?

Yes you can communicate with the trees. You can communicate with anything and everything around you. The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that we are all connected and that we can communicate.

So I did a long deep “born/die” meditation. Then I looked out the window at the big ash tree that is blooming there.

Here is what I found out. The trees and flowers and plants are not happy with the incredible amounts of pollution that they are being forced to live in. Just like the “ENTS” in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings” they are revolting. They are sending the poisons that they are bring up from the ground through their root systems and spitting it back out into the air.

That is why the pollens are affecting mankind so powerfully. They have pesticides, poisons, chemtrails (from the skies), DOR from electronic vibrations included in them.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!! Protect yourself and your children and do some internet research on DOR and Wilhelm Reich. I have included an article about DOR below.

When I was in Arizona and went into the desert with my Indian friend Willie Whitefeather, a Cherokee medicine man he told me many things about Mother Nature. She rules the earth not man.

He warned me 10 years ago not to eat meat. He said that the slaughterer houses that they use to destroy our younger brothers (chickens, turkeys, beef and lamb) were so horrendously bestial that the animals know they are going to be slaughtered very painfully and they were filled with fear. They stayed in those stock pens hearing and smelling the deaths of their brothers and sisters and knew that they were next.

Mother Nature has come to their defense. They now carry the big C----- disease in their meat and those who eat too much of it will succumb to it. Nature protects her own children even if we do not.

We are all responsible for the health of Mother Earth and her animals. The vibrations of modern technology is hurting Mother Nature badly.

It is time for Americans to wake up. We cannot continue to follow tha path to more materialism and technology and ignore the path of spirituality and oneness with all living things. We are the worse polluters on the planet.

Those of you who cling to your TV’s, cell phones and high tech games are hurting Mother Nature. Find the will power or discipline within yourself to get rid of them, or at least take steps to decrease the DOR in your home.

Make your own orgone generators and place them around your trees and flowers and your TV and all your electronic devices.  At least eliminate the DOR you are responsible for.

Willie said that it is okay to eat the meat from the free range happy animals with no slaughter house fear. But make sure you thank them and leave an offering of blue corn meal for Mother Nature.


Spiritual Quantum Physics and Protection From TV, Cell Phones, Power Lines and DOR

Quantum Physics and Protection
Once upon a time, not too long ago, we only needed physical protection from robbers, thieves, muggers etc. A good dead bolt on a strong door with a big dog sleeping on the floor was all we needed.
Now the intrusions, the dangers that come into our homes are not physical; they come silently through the air.
This modern electronic age has created a deadly monster called D.O.R. (deadly Orgone). Wilhelm Reich coined this phrase when he worked on creating Orgone (Life - force) over the deserts to create rain. He called good life-force, natural life - force, Orgone.
Orgone is called Chi, Elan Vital, Prana, Galama etc. It is the energy that keeps everything alive and moving on the planet.
DOR or deadly Orgone is manmade pollution. It is very detrimental to the health of all Organic life on the Planet.
It inundates your home, by coming right through your walls. It inundates every cell of your body, causing illness and dis-ease, by busting right through your protective Aura.
DOR enters your home and body via the TV; the computer; the microwave oven; power lines; harp towers; and cell phones all give off harmful vibrations.
The world is so full of Anger, Hate, Sex, and Greed they too inundate your home. Negative emotions are man-made DOR.
The good news is that you can free your home from DOR and block it from coming in. You can use the modern tools of Quantum Physics and the Laws of Radionics combined with the ancient Sciences of Runes and Crystals to block DOR.
Let's first define our terms and then build us a simple Radionics Matrix to use to block DOR.
The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. It responds to our thoughts and our symbols.
Crystals are as old as the planet. They are energy sources of Good Prana and can be programmed with a thought or a wish and used as a power source for a simple radionics matrix.
Runes are universal creative energies that exist in the Quantum Ocean and respond to physical runic symbols.
A Radionics Device is a simple device that takes your thoughts and wishes into the Quantum Ocean and attracts like energy out of it.
You can buy a $5,000 electronic device or you can make your own for almost nothing. A Radionics Device has three working principles; a power source; a plate (space) for your wish and a plate (space) for your Target.
Let's build a simple Radionics Matrix.
Take an 8 1/2 " x 12" piece of cardboard. Inscribe a 6" circle in the middle. Inscribe an equilateral triangle within the circle. Connect the midpoints of the centers of the three equal legs. You now have a sacred geometrical Matrix, drawn by you on cardboard with a circle and 4 equilateral triangles. It will work as well as the $5,000 electronic device.
The Rune Thorn (Thurisaz) is the symbol for the universal creative energy of Protection. It is a defensive Rune and will protect your home, as well as the thorn bushes around Sleeping Beauty's castle walls protected her.
Place the Thorn Rune (make one if you do not have one. Draw it on paper.) In the lower left equilateral triangle. This is your Plate for you wish (protection).
Place the crystal in the upper equilateral triangle. Its vibrations will act as a power source.
In the right hand lower equilateral Triangle, place a photo of your home. If you do not have one then write the full address of your home and place it there.
Now, hold your hands over your Radionic Matrix. Take a deep breath and intone:
"I am now attracting the protective energies of the Rune Thorn out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, into my Matrix where it will surround my home with protective energy and block all negative DOR energies NOW!"
This uses the science of mental Radionics.
Put your Matrix away leaving the crystal, wish and target in place. Hide it from prying eyes.
Simple? The Laws of the Creator God are simple. Man complicates them.
How long will protection take to manifest? It all depends on how much DOR producing electronics you have in an near your home to block the effects of the Matrix.
BE PATIENT and soon you will experience the well-being that a DOR free home produces.

Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. . He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, Viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. You can see more of his works on his websites:

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Invisible Plane


All illness and disease is thus the result of the misuse of Spiritual Laws and the lack of spiritual understanding. We are spiritual soul’s not physical bodies!

The conscious mind of man, in its measurement and numbers, is scarcely capable of dealing with the Infinite.

Despite conceptual inadequacies science has proven that every physical law of the Universe has a corresponding spiritual law.

There have been in the records of history, many enlightened men, teachers, scientists, spiritual advisers, and poets, and each of them had one thing to say in common: there is a great medium of mind and intelligence that is in and surrounds every human being. This intelligence is all-intelligence and knows and does everything. It is called God. This intelligent God, is an eternal creator, creating that which the mind of man thinks.

What are you creating with your thoughts right now? When you think of illness, sickness or the Big C----- (I will not even write if for in doing so I strengthen it) you create more of it.

When you think how poor and unhappy you are you simply create more poverty and unhappiness.

The basic Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us “you create what you think about!”

It is this invisible plane of human existence, the mind and its thoughts that offers the greatest challenge and also the greatest hope for mankind.

The Age of Aquarius and its paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics have given us a methodology that we can use to understand and control the invisible plane of existence.

To shut down negativity on a world wide scale we would have to shut down all negative materialistic machines of spiritual destruction.

We would have to shut down TV’s, Hollywood, newspapers, politicians, preachers, doctors, schools etc. They all create fearful negative chaos with their non-spiritual materialistic viewpoint and agendas.

We have to understand that even though we do not wish to think negative, hateful, fearful thoughts we are all connected in a fishbowl environment on the invisible plane (Quantum Ocean).

So whether we like it or not these negative thoughts are passing through our auras 24/7.

To go a step further even though we turn the TV off, not read a newspaper or listen to a politicians lies they enter us like thieves in the night though the connections on the invisible plane.

To bring peace, harmony, joy to the planet each of these negative thought producing machines must be shut down.

But that is mere wishful thinking for it may never happen. Too many powerful forces hold them in place.

Therefore it is us to each one of us who seek freedom from these negative thoughts to insulate ourselves.

We must build ourselves an insulated diving bell or diving suit while in the fishbowl.

We are born one-by-one; we evolve or devolve one-by-one and one by one we pass on and reincarnate.

Here is a thought for you given to us by the new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics:

If everyone on the planet stopped thinking about the Golden Gate Bridge and If there were no pictures or photos anywhere; and if there were no cars or trucks on it and it was not in the  mind of one single person; nor in one book it would blink off the physical world and back into the Quantum Ocean. It would no longer exist on our planet.

Think what would happen if we applied this to the Big C-----. It too would no longer exist on the physical plane.

Time to think new thoughts!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics Competitin Versus Creativity


“Change the idea of a thing and you change the thing. It’s that simple.” Dr Ernest Holmes.

The essence of mankind is not to compete but to create.

You are a unique soul that has blinked out of the Infinite Soul called the Mind of God to do the work only you can do!

The Universe has created no other person like you to do what you must do. Only you can do it or it won’t get done.

You are important in the Mind of god and your job is to make yourself feel just as important in your own mind.

Only you can use the Divine powers in the infinite Quantum Ocean that are yours.

The Divine Mind of God made each one of us unique. Competition attempts to make us alike. Competition casts all humanity into the same mold. The same size nine shoe. It is not our true spiritual path.

Creativity makes each one of us an individual part of God’s Mind. This is our true path.

Competition exists on the material plane where you fall into the trap of not wanting to be different, but wanting to be the same, as others, only better.

Creativity helps you build a world all your own. Conformity and competition are death kneels to the spirit. Creativity and non-conformity are an expansion into cosmic understanding.

Your security in life depends entirely on your recognition of your Divine nature. You’re potential to become a God yourself.

Money, home, insurance policies and position in life are puffs of smoke on the wind. There are neither banks in the hereafter nor pockets in a shroud (coffin).

All the things of the physical world change. The only infinite is your relationship with the Infinite Mind of God. Your own individual manifestation of the Universal Mind of God, only that is changeless.

Your own recognition of this great truth will provide you with more security than you ever dreamed of.

This is the key to attainment. It will flood you with creative energy and fill your life with success, accomplishment and vigor.

Nietzsche was right: “We Are Gods!”

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Word "GOD"


The word ‘God’ has caused more wars, more pain, more suffering than any other word uttered by mankind.

The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Thirty Years War, the Jewish-Arab conflict, the Muslim-Christian conflict, the Catholic-Protestant conflict just to name a few.

The problem lies in the fact that nobody really knows what a God is or how it functions.

Every manmade religion has such a limited and narrow concept of what a God is. ‘My God is better than your God.’ ‘My God is the only God.’

The Age of Aquarius with its Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us all is ENERGY. Therefore to truly understand what God or any God is we must define a God in energy terms.

“A God is the next higher ordering force.” At the smallest level a man is a God to a dog because he orders its life.

Now let’s look at the highest level. There is no way with our finite minds that we can truly understand what or who God is. We can only understand by studying his highest physical manifestation.

At the highest level of abstraction we have the Creator God, an infinite energy being, the Prime Mover, and the Grand Architect of the Universe.

The Universe is the highest level of manifested energy we know. Within it are billions of Galaxies all created by the energies within the Universe.

The Universe is God to the billions of Galaxies. Within the energies of each Galaxy and created by the energy of each Galaxy are billions of Solar Systems.

The Galaxy is the God to the billions of Solar Systems.

Within each Solar System is a Sun. It is the energy from the Sun that creates the planets. The Sun is the God of the planets.

Many of the ancient civilizations worshipped the Sun. Modern man in his arrogance, ego and ignorance demonizes these Sun worshipping religions. They believe that they may (or may not) have sacrificed one human life a year to their Sun God.

How many millions of men and women were sacrificed in the past 2000 years in the religious wars? How many were sacrificed to Jesus, Moses or Allah?

Let’s get back to the Ray of Creation. The Sun is God to the planets and to that thin layer of organics life that lives on the surface of the Earth. We could not exist for one day without the energies of the Sun.

Let us review:

The energy of the Creator God created the Universe and is God over its creation and all lesser creations.

The Universe is the creator of the billions of Galaxies and is God over its creation and all lesser creations.

The Galaxy is the creator of the billions of Solar Systems and is god over its creations and all lesser creations.

The Sun is the creator of its planets and all lesser creations. Mankind included.

Understand Gods are energies and they are not anthropomorphic.

Man is a unique energy being for he is given the power to become a God or a higher ordering force and move up the Ray of Creation.

Remember the Spiritual Quantum Physics definition of ‘God’. “A God is the next higher ordering force.”

How can anyone on the planet Earth think that Jesus, Moses or Allah, etc were Gods. They have not brought order to mankind on the planet.

They were highly developed humans working their way up the Ray of Creation. Their message to the world was: “I did it this way. You can do it also.” Not “I did it for you.”

It was those who followed behind who tried to make Gods out of them for their own selfish purposes. They are the ones who caused all the wars and the deaths and the chaos we see in the world today. And they are still doing it in the name of God (and oil).

Each of us is a soul that lives and moves and has our being within the soul of the Creator God. We exist as energy beings on the lowest ladder in the Ray of Creation, the planet earth.

“One by one we are born, one by one we evolve (or don’t) and one by one we die to be reborn again.