Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Invisible Plane


All illness and disease is thus the result of the misuse of Spiritual Laws and the lack of spiritual understanding. We are spiritual soul’s not physical bodies!

The conscious mind of man, in its measurement and numbers, is scarcely capable of dealing with the Infinite.

Despite conceptual inadequacies science has proven that every physical law of the Universe has a corresponding spiritual law.

There have been in the records of history, many enlightened men, teachers, scientists, spiritual advisers, and poets, and each of them had one thing to say in common: there is a great medium of mind and intelligence that is in and surrounds every human being. This intelligence is all-intelligence and knows and does everything. It is called God. This intelligent God, is an eternal creator, creating that which the mind of man thinks.

What are you creating with your thoughts right now? When you think of illness, sickness or the Big C----- (I will not even write if for in doing so I strengthen it) you create more of it.

When you think how poor and unhappy you are you simply create more poverty and unhappiness.

The basic Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us “you create what you think about!”

It is this invisible plane of human existence, the mind and its thoughts that offers the greatest challenge and also the greatest hope for mankind.

The Age of Aquarius and its paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics have given us a methodology that we can use to understand and control the invisible plane of existence.

To shut down negativity on a world wide scale we would have to shut down all negative materialistic machines of spiritual destruction.

We would have to shut down TV’s, Hollywood, newspapers, politicians, preachers, doctors, schools etc. They all create fearful negative chaos with their non-spiritual materialistic viewpoint and agendas.

We have to understand that even though we do not wish to think negative, hateful, fearful thoughts we are all connected in a fishbowl environment on the invisible plane (Quantum Ocean).

So whether we like it or not these negative thoughts are passing through our auras 24/7.

To go a step further even though we turn the TV off, not read a newspaper or listen to a politicians lies they enter us like thieves in the night though the connections on the invisible plane.

To bring peace, harmony, joy to the planet each of these negative thought producing machines must be shut down.

But that is mere wishful thinking for it may never happen. Too many powerful forces hold them in place.

Therefore it is us to each one of us who seek freedom from these negative thoughts to insulate ourselves.

We must build ourselves an insulated diving bell or diving suit while in the fishbowl.

We are born one-by-one; we evolve or devolve one-by-one and one by one we pass on and reincarnate.

Here is a thought for you given to us by the new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics:

If everyone on the planet stopped thinking about the Golden Gate Bridge and If there were no pictures or photos anywhere; and if there were no cars or trucks on it and it was not in the  mind of one single person; nor in one book it would blink off the physical world and back into the Quantum Ocean. It would no longer exist on our planet.

Think what would happen if we applied this to the Big C-----. It too would no longer exist on the physical plane.

Time to think new thoughts!


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