Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics "DOR" and Ask A Tree About Allergies

"DOR" - Trees - And Allergies

Today I would like to share with you the dangers of DOR (deadly orgone energy) it is everywhere.  Wilhelm Reich told the world about it in the 40-50’s and they put him in jail and he died there.

He told us that there is energy in the world called Orgone (life force) that keeps humans alive and healthy. It is naturally created by nature. Then there is an energy called DOR (deadly orgone energy) created by man. This is deadly to all living things.

It is created by electronic emanations produced by TV’s, cell phones and cell towers and power lines. It is also caused by the negative emotions of humans. Have you not noticed that all the news and media use fear as their chief ingredient in their writing and telling?

DOR penetrates your home via the TV, phones, and microwave ovens and through the air.

If you want to keep yourself and your children healthy you must try to stop or at least limit the amount that inundates your auras.

My best suggestion is for you to throw out your phones and TV’s but I know that you won’t do that.  The next best thing is to protect yourself with the orgone technology created by Reich, Welz and myself. Orgone generators have the ability to transform DOR into Orgone life Force.

You can go out on the net and buy one, or get the instructions to make one, or you can buy one from me.  

Have you not noticed in the past few years the amount of illnesses (respiratory and allergies)   in the country? 
I have been thinking about writing this article to you for a long while, but I did not want to bring fear into your life nor have you think I am mercenary and only trying to sell you something I make. But something happened the other day that made me decide to write it.

I am in my 70’s and have no TV, phone or power lines in or near my home.

I have always had a little allergy but this year it went off the scale. It closed my eyes and I had to sit on my hands to keep myself from rubbing my eyes. Everywhere I went people said what happened to your eyes?

Then one day my inner self told me to ask the trees why they are sending out such poisonous pollen?

Yes you can communicate with the trees. You can communicate with anything and everything around you. The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that we are all connected and that we can communicate.

So I did a long deep “born/die” meditation. Then I looked out the window at the big ash tree that is blooming there.

Here is what I found out. The trees and flowers and plants are not happy with the incredible amounts of pollution that they are being forced to live in. Just like the “ENTS” in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings” they are revolting. They are sending the poisons that they are bring up from the ground through their root systems and spitting it back out into the air.

That is why the pollens are affecting mankind so powerfully. They have pesticides, poisons, chemtrails (from the skies), DOR from electronic vibrations included in them.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!! Protect yourself and your children and do some internet research on DOR and Wilhelm Reich. I have included an article about DOR below.

When I was in Arizona and went into the desert with my Indian friend Willie Whitefeather, a Cherokee medicine man he told me many things about Mother Nature. She rules the earth not man.

He warned me 10 years ago not to eat meat. He said that the slaughterer houses that they use to destroy our younger brothers (chickens, turkeys, beef and lamb) were so horrendously bestial that the animals know they are going to be slaughtered very painfully and they were filled with fear. They stayed in those stock pens hearing and smelling the deaths of their brothers and sisters and knew that they were next.

Mother Nature has come to their defense. They now carry the big C----- disease in their meat and those who eat too much of it will succumb to it. Nature protects her own children even if we do not.

We are all responsible for the health of Mother Earth and her animals. The vibrations of modern technology is hurting Mother Nature badly.

It is time for Americans to wake up. We cannot continue to follow tha path to more materialism and technology and ignore the path of spirituality and oneness with all living things. We are the worse polluters on the planet.

Those of you who cling to your TV’s, cell phones and high tech games are hurting Mother Nature. Find the will power or discipline within yourself to get rid of them, or at least take steps to decrease the DOR in your home.

Make your own orgone generators and place them around your trees and flowers and your TV and all your electronic devices.  At least eliminate the DOR you are responsible for.

Willie said that it is okay to eat the meat from the free range happy animals with no slaughter house fear. But make sure you thank them and leave an offering of blue corn meal for Mother Nature.


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