Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spiritual Quantum Physics "I ACCUSE!"


My spiritual teacher of 35 years, I.F., repeated to me over and over: “if you cannot explain something in your own words then you do not know what you are talking about.”

Our Solar System which has just orbited around our Galactic Sun into a new 30 degree arc is of immense importance to humanity on the planet. This movement has started the “Age of Aquarius.”

It is an event that will change life as we know it on the planet. These changes will be slow and gradual and will take 2000 years to run its course. But there will be many individual violent and sudden events due to the lightening energies of the ruling Planet Uranus. These will destroy the most evil energy structures on the planet to ease in the new energy. You cannot place new wine in old flasks.

The movement of the Solar System has changed the S (space), T (time), E (energy), M (matter) continuum by which we experience life on this planet.

“I accuse!”

I do not like what the academic scientists call the Age of Aquarius Quantum Physics. I do not like or understand their Big Bang Theory; Black Hole Theory; Laws of Chaos, or even the Einsteinan Theory of Relativity that they rest all their theories on.

What I dislike the most is their complete disregard of a guiding force that is more powerful than their own limited human mentality. Their total disregard of a creative force that controls their destiny and the destiny of all mankind as well as the destinies of the planets of our Solar System. They have arbitrarily placed themselves as the highest form of intelligence on the planet and even in the Solar System.

“I Accuse!” them of consciously and unconsciously retarding the spiritual growth and destiny of humanity on this planet. They have tried to bury us in the lower levels of consciousness called “materialism”.

Therefore I will try to explain these great phenomena, this great event called the Age of Aquarius in my own words.

I will start by renaming this new paradigm, “The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.” I will unequivocally say that there is a Prime Mover, A Grand Architect, A First Cause called the “Creator God.”

Here are my abstractions of the Age of Aquarius:

“There exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God. There is no time there. No past, present nor future. Only the NOW!

There is no space there. No width, length nor depth. Only the HERE! Therefore there only exists the “HERE-NOW!”

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in this timeless, space less infinite point called the Quantum Ocean.

What a great definition for the Mind of God!

Moreover, we live, move and have our being within this Mind of God. We are individual souls within this infinite soul called GOD.

We ‘blink-out’ and ‘blink-into’ the Mind of God, over and over, and over.

Each new ‘blink-out’ is a new incarnation. Each ‘blink-in’ is a return to the source.

We ‘blink-in and out’ of this Quantum Ocean, Mind of God for one reason, one purpose only. That is to continuously raise our levels of consciousness with our physical life experiences. To become more god-like because we are all potential gods.

If you don’t like my explanation than for gods-sake (literally) create your own. Get off your duffs and stop accepting what THEY tell you are the truths about God and Creation. They only want to control you with their theories.

Watch and see. They will become the first targets for Uranus’s Lightening strikes.


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