Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quantum Physics and the Possibility for Extinction




By: Ellis Peterson

The majority of humanity on this planet has cut themselves off from the higher influences of spiritual guidance. And may have irrevocably cut themselves off permanently.

Scientific quantum physics as taught in the universities and preached about in the Secret and on the net is aiding the separation of man from his spiritual heritage.

Their “big bang” and “chaos” theories leave out a creator god and therefore are in error. Their thinking leads mankind down the path to more materialism and useless technology.

Spiritual Quantum Physics, on the other hand, includes a Creator God, a Grand Architect of the Universe, a Prime Mover, and therefore is correct.

This Creator God set a divine plan with its timing table for humanity millions of years ago. Millions of years in our time for there is no time in the quantum ocean nor in the Mind of God.

There are now and have always been gigantic waves or forces that raises the consciousness of man out of the darkness and into the light. But these evolutionary forces could be set back.

If this happens the whole evolutionary process that moves men forward will have to be repeated.

There is a divine teleology, a plan or design for mankind in back of these waves of evolutionary energies. There has always been a divine plan in process that has been going on during these millions of years of evolution. It belongs to neither the “big bang” nor the “chaos” theory.

The New Age of Aquarius with its new paradigm of spiritual quantum physics is one of those waves of evolutionary energies. It is part of the divine plan.

The evolutionary energies for mankind are in place for the. next 2000 years. It is up to mankind himself to raise his level of consciousness to meet and utilize these new evolutionary energies. It will not dip down to his level.

The whole Age of Aquarius will be set back if humanity is not up to the task. Beastliness instead of spirituality.

Right now, to use a botanical analogy, humanity is in its flowering stage and consciousness must be raised and maintained till it bears fruit.

It must run the course till a perfected state of the whole evolutionary process is fulfilled.

The pursuit of materialism and meaningless technology is detrimental to this process. The pursuit of temporal power with emphasis placed upon the profit motive as the end all means and purpose of our being here on the planet is destructive. It is not about malls and credit cards.

The constant pursuit of physical comforts and physical well being with no other thoughts for the health of the soul is destructive.

Eat, drink and be merry. The pursuit of these temporary goals instead of the goals of the divine plan is destructive.

Emphasis on the pursuits of things and gadgets instead of seeking the meaning of life, who we are, where we came from and where we are going, is destructive.

The power of the god consciousness emanating from the Mind of God is slowly withdrawing itself and taking with it the supporting influences of the divine plan.

Humanity has pursued materialism to the point where they are cutting themselves off from this power of the divine.

Look at how many thousands of species the divine plan of evolutionary power has discarded and passed away.

Can it happen to us? Yes if the power is withdrawn.

One-by-one we must pit ourselves against this drag-back to the animalistic past caused by materialism.

One-by-one we must align ourselves with the divine plan of evolution.

Each of us must rise above and become the master of the animal within us, our lower consciousness.

We need to start a new transformational process away from materialism towards spirituality We are spiritual beings not physical beings. We must raise the consciousness of our mind level.

The consciousness within the Mind of God never disappears. But the consciousness that animates and takes physical form in humanity may disappear just like it has done with the dinosaurs and the do-do birds.

The power with which humanity is conscious is the God Consciousness.

You can doubt everything that I say and everything in the world but you cannot doubt the power with which you doubt. That is the god consciousness.

Materialism and military technology may lead us down the road to extinction, but the nuclear war, famines and plagues will not be the cause of extinction. They will only be the effects. The true cause will be the lowered consciouses of humanity.

But the good news is this: one-by-one we can help by raising our own individual levels of consciousness. The Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us we are all connected. And like yeast raises the whole loaf of bread we need only1% of humanity to raise us above the danger of extinction.

Control your desires, tear up your credit cards, turn off the TV and go within where you will find God and the divine plan.

Become a one-per center today.

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