Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bring Back Ancient Wisdom With Spiritual Quantum Physics


Why do I write all these articles on Spiritual Quantum Physics? Why do I buck the mainstream of humanity who seem to be only interested in health, wealth and happiness. Why do I buck the Scientific Quantum Physicists who seem only interested in finding the reason for life without consulting the Creator God who gave life?

Why do I do all this? Because unless we get a small percentage of humanity (1%.) to leave the road leading towards materialism and spiritless technology than the fourth root race of mankind is doomed to the recycle bin.

It has happened before. Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperboria and Mu. There is a divine plan for mankind and all the races. There has always been one and will always be one. Those of us who follow this divine plan are as safe as in God's little pocket no matter what is to come.

This evolutionary plan moves forward like an irresistible force and we have the choice either to ride the crest of the waves with it or be dragged along on the bottom by its rip tide. And if not enough of us fight our way to the top of the wave, the wave will stop.

The earliest preoccupation of man in his awakened thoughts is to seek a God. How can a thinking man leave it out? Man seeks perfection and searches for the truth. The truth is found in the living universe not in a college laboratory.

We have lost our way. Materialism and materialistic quantum physics scientists are leading us down the wrong path. With the new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics we need to think differently. We need new thoughts or new ways to think of the old thoughts.

We need powerful spiritual thoughts. We have to stop this Juggernaut of useless technology that is steamrolling mankind to a state of insensitiveness.

Time to reach into the past (there is no past in the quantum ocean, nor in the mind of god) and manifest the golden nuggets of spiritual wisdom that lie there.

It is time for those who know the truth and have remained silent and hiding in the background to step forward and speak out.

It is time to be BOLD. That is why I write my Spiritual Quantum Physics articles. I don't care if you laugh as long as you listen.

The Ancients tell us that God manifests in everything. And that He offers us relief where there is stress due to physical pain and emotional suffering; freedom from a world of mechanical necessities and immortality over a body subjected to death and constant mutations.

Why don't we listen to them?

God is everywhere. We live, move and have our being within the Mind of God. This is one of the tenants of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

We need to stop looking out with technology and look within with our hearts.

Let us follow nature for she is constantly going through her own terrestrial evolution, as is the planet Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy and even the Universe. They are all following the Laws of the Creator God.

Who do we think we are to ignore it. Do you realize in the big picture, we humanity is only a thin layer of organic life on a planet that is in a solar system that is in a galaxy that has millions of other solar systems? How minute.

Why do these scientists, politicians and religious leaders walk around as if they know more than the Creator God?

Let some of us think differently. Let us seek answers in different places. Nature is the playing filed where the power to be conscious flowing from the Mind of God uses to create.

Here is a possible new thought for you. The animal kingdom is a living laboratory in which mother nature has worked out man.

Man may be the thinking and living laboratory whose conscious co-operation she uses to create superman. Homo Spiritualitis. Neitzsche: “Ye are Gods!”

Time we took off the egotistical blinders of the 20th century intellectuals and reread what the Ancients have been telling us for thousands of years.

Their simple wisdom far surpasses all the knowledge of all the Ph D's.

Why are we so afraid to say that there is a Creator God who has sent all of us on an Odyssey. Who now wants us to become more god-like and come back home?

Is there anyone out there listening?

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