Sunday, June 24, 2012


You are a divine blueprint in the Mind of God that has been breathed out onto the physical plane in the form of a human being. You are a soul which is a thought in the Mind of God.

All the souls on the physical plane are not perfect blueprints. You and they have a blueprint of spiritual perfection within you. But to attain this perfection you must live your life according to the Laws of Creation and have the divine blueprint within you manifest physically.

The reason you are not perfect is because your thoughts, feelings and actions, which include all the lives you have lived in ignorance of these laws, have manifested as your physical body.

We blinked out of the Mind of God into the quantum ocean which has two parts. The invisible part where all the divine blueprints exist and the physical part where you exist. The physical part of the quantum ocean is the physical playing field for you and all humans to work off all these false ideas, dogmas and non-spiritual energies that you have picked up in your lifetime.

Of all the billions of souls living and moving and having their being within the physical quantum ocean only about 5% at any one time hear the calling of the higher spiritual energies.

There are only two ways out of the negative physical reality most people have built for themselves. One is the long hard and painful method that urges them forward, inch by inch. The other is the faster path of using Cosmic principles and truths to move forward.

One is encompassed in darkness and ignorance. The other method is in light and understanding.

A great teacher 2000 years ago said “come ye out from amongst them and let the dead (spiritually) bury the dead.”

To put it simply, the one great truth of existence is to come out of the ignorant herd (mass mind) and individualize. Anything that helps you to ‘individualize’ can be considered ‘good.’ Anything that keeps you controlled and trapped in the mass mind is ‘evil.’

Religions, politics, AMA, are evil and are trying to control you for their own benefit. Powerful families want you to live according to their rules. Any one or anything that interferes with allowing you to live your own life according to Natural and Cosmic laws is evil. But you must learn to do it your way – or else.

You must fight to do it your way or you will get trapped in someone else’s way. There is no neutral ground. Fight for your free time to think your own thoughts. Turn the TV off.

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