Friday, November 26, 2010

Spieritual Quantum Physics and "Organics" - Words Are Dangerous


The Age of Aquarius with the new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tells us that all is energy. We are energy, the physical reality we have created with our minds is energy, the universe is energy, and God is energy.

All this energy exists in the infinite ocean of intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. Mind of God.

Words are energy that exists as small packets of quanta in this vast ocean. Each word with its corresponding meaning when spoken manifests onto the physical plane and into the aura and physical reality of the one who spoke it.

Watch your spoken words like a hawk!

We who have grown up (?) should learn to understand and feel the meaning of words so that we do not throw terror-gripping words at ourselves and others, especially our children.

For instance, take the words: “Ghastly”. “Ruined”, “Terrible”, “Horrible”, “Fearsome”, “Frightful”, etc.

Plus all the thousands of other harmful words being spoken in the avalanche of horror movies, TV, and in the horror books.

Have you ever felt the meaning of these words when you say them?

We learn to condition ourselves with the spoken word. We listen to the spoken word and what heartaches and pain they cause. We think with words. We define our problems with words. We praise with words and curse with words.

Wrong words and poor definitions not only destroy our outer life but decay our consciousness.

They can open our auras to obsessions and possession.
Save your children. TURN OFF THE TV’s!



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