Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Big Picture

The Age of Aquarius and the Big Picture

As we enter the first hundred years of the Age of Aquarius the new paradigm of the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics may be the key to the survival of civilization as we know it.

Down through the ages there have been countless talks of an end time. There are many prophecies and prophets for the past 1000 years that have predicted our present time as an end time.

Nostradamus, The Christian Book of Revelations, Hopi Prophecies to name a few of the better known.

And then there are the Mayan Prophecies where an actual date is even given fot this end time. Dec. 15, 2012.

But what is an end time?

In tarot the Death card in a reading does not always signifgy the death of the querant. It could simply mean the death of a habit; smoking drinking etc.

In astrology the same holds true. A transit of ones 8th house does not signify a death. Most likely just a transformation.

If we look at the big picture of the Great 24,000 year cycles we can see that every 2000 years there is a death or transformation of one type of civilization to make way for another civilization.

Lets look backwards.

The Age of Pisces brought in Christianity which brutally caused the death of Paganism as well as the Roman world.

The Age of Aries brought the Civilization of Rome to the forefront as the expense of the civilization of Greece.

The Age of Taurus saw Greece overthrowing Egypt. And so it went for ages.

They were not as clear cut and sharp as my writing about them. They were all slow 2000 year cycles.

So when prophets talk about an end time, perhaps theu are only talking about the form of civilizations presently inhabiting the planet.

I personally cannot see how the civilization called American democracy can go on much longer. They have stepped on and broken so many cosmic and natural laws.

The Age of Aquarius will definitely e the death of many on the structures, institutions and controlling factors of the Age of Pisces.

And this is good for these giant 2000 yearcycles enforce the only true constant in the universe -CHANGE!

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